Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I can't wait till this week is over.

Last week, we had the IP presentation, and despite the short time preparation given, we did well. I can see that the teachers did not like the diorama that much, and there was the "clay incident", but I still think it's good. The dance was perfect though.

After the IP, we were all happy because finally, one major project is over. The next thing we are to worry about is the August Core Values presentation which we'll be having on Friday morning. It's not as hard as the Integrated Project, but there is just no time. I am very much grateful for the teachers who allotted even just 20 minutes of their time for us to practice.

We also had the dance drama and aerobics routine in PE and Health, thus cutting more time for us to practice because the two aforementioned dances are our exam in MAPEH. Sadface.

Today is Wednesday. I've been staying over until 6:00 in school since Monday. I've been sleep deprived AND tired. It wouldn't be that much pain if we're not given assignments and next week is the first periodical tests. Spell time pressure?

Tomorrow, we're bound to be in school until 7:30 in the evening. I am very much aware at how tiring it will be, and I am really sorry for everyone who has to say. Needless to say, we have to be early on Friday. However, I required everyone to bring chocolates and we will all eat them together before the presentation for sugar rush. I just hope no upchucking will occur, that would be so unfortunate. Mira is also bringing Stresstabs tomorrow, and I will overdose myself with them. Not exaggerating. I need all the energy I can.

About the presentation, I cannot say that we are done - done. We are about done, or halfway done, depending on how you define it. We know what to do, but we just haven't tried putting it all together. A big problem is, we somehow lack cooperation. It was not the same as last year, wherein when one will say "group yourselves" we would automatically follow. It saddens me much that we have to shout all the time just to get everyone's attention. Sometimes one has to shout more than once, then when our attention is finally caught, once someone starts speaking, people would slowly start talking again.

Then there was the time wherein we were presenting our work. We told everyone to just watch, but what happens? They'd start butting in with suggestions. Suggestions aren't really bad, but the fact that you have not seen the whole thing yet, is just... annoying.


My Mom allowed me to not attend school on Friday if I get sick on Thursday. A part of me hopes I get sick, and another part hopes not. Eh, we'll know.

Cross your fingers that we'll be able to do it at least well.

I'm not hoping for perfect. It's impossible.