Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's official. There's no classes on Wednesday in honor of former President Corazon Aquino's death. My Mom wanted to go to her wake, and she might tomorrow (or whenever it's open to the public again). I want to go with her but I have school.

I was very ecstatic when I read the news. I've been doing nothing this week but assignments, assignments, and assignments. It's starting to get old. Raymart is panicking though. We have our Integrated Project presentation and our August Core Values presentation, in addition to that, our dance drama.

I have something to share about our group's presentation. I am the "light". My role is to bring the light to those who were blinded by sin. It's such a holy role, don't you think? Allen sounded slightly apalled, and I don't blame him. It seems like a big joke.

Anyhow, Raymart said that we need to meet up on Wednesday. All I can say is damn. Damn it. It's so unfortunate that I live almost about 30 minutes away from school and whenever we're going to meet up, we have to meet somewhere near school, usually in Ministop. Then when we end up early, I can't go home unless Alyssa is there and I'll hitch a ride with them. Commuting = fails.

If ever we meet up on Wednesday, I'm one hundred percent sure that we will be able to make miniscule progress. As a group, we bring about chaos and since we have to work on TWO different things at the same time, it'll be hard to make impressive progress. I know we can do it though. After all, we ARE Clare.

I didn't mean to sound that arrogant, but heck, aren't we the best crammers? (: