Monday, September 14, 2009


I always feel sleepy during Chemistry time.

Chemistry is the first subject, and I guess it can be an excuse as to why I feel sleepy. I'm not saying that Miss Flores is boring, but rather what she is talking about is boring. Like today, she was explaining stuff about chemical computations. Oh my lord, my mind stopped working.

I think I can love Chemistry. I've been excited to learn about it when I was in third grade thinking that all we would do during Chemistry class is mix those fancy colored liquids together and be able to mix it together and create something out of this world.

Such dream was broken by reality. :/
I cannot stand Chemistry right now.

Well, that was a lie. I am excited everytime we're going to the Chemistry lab because that would mean we can do amazing stuff with the chemicals (the kid in me still lives), but I dread doing manual computations. I don't mind memorizing about the different people, rules, terms, and dates. But computing for stuff? Err, no thank you. I already have Advanced Algebra and Geometry to worry about.

I've read somewhere that for you to be good at something, you have to love it.
It doesn't sound as easy as it looks but I can do it. [;