Thursday, September 3, 2009

one of those nights.

i'm going to type like this because this is a "special" entry, and by special i mean random.

anyhoo, tomorrow is the field trip, i mean outbound. aha, it's so cute. everyone makes a comment about the field trip, and the phrase "i mean outbound" is automatically included. err, i think everyone should thank the lady who explained the difference between outbound and field trip. but anyway, i'm definitely not excited for the trip. why not?

lemme tell you a story.

i used to love nature. the idea of camping, going to forests, and hiking/trekking excites me. that was when i was a child. right about the time i entered the portal of adolescence, i realized that adventure crap is not really the best thing for me. i am too high-maintenance to survive. right now, the thought about going camping just frightens me. up until now, i still don't know the accurate reason behind that unexplainable fear. o.o;

if you ask me, i prefer an indoor educational tour, and by that i mean going to fancy buildings and stuff. there are a thousand imaginable museums/fancy places we can go that we've never been to. that's where i wanna go.

i suppose my mind will all change tomorrow. i'm a big hyperbole, and all i can think about is freaky stuff. i just pray that it won't rain because if it would, i would totally be not happy. like, not not not not not happy. :(

i can't wait to see the falls though. i'm sure it would be wonderful and pretty.

and the bus would definitely be funn. i'm still not sure who i'm bus mates with. damn mark won't let me sit beside alyssa D: but i supposed i can't go sit near smym which would be a bore. :( i'll probably ask eudes to sit near us. i have something major to tell him and he absolutely needs it.

i gots lots of food but i'm a selfishkid so i'll eat them when everyone else is too full =DDD

good night. (: