Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My computer and I aren't the best of friends right now. There is something wrong with it, and it's definitely not making me happy. I repeat, NOT HAPPY.

Every now and then my anti-virus keeps on popping up and asking me if I would allow the file or limit it to be opened. That doesn't bother me much, except that the file exists someplace I have no idea of, and I can't find it on search. That means one thing and that one thing spells out trouble.

It's rather kind of frustrating me, especially if the only thing to save my computer is by reformatting it. I don't mind reformatting a computer, but that would also mean I have to re-install about a thousand files. I'm glad to have a back up of all my files but it's not going to be a good job.

I'll ask my Uncle about this since he's a computer whiz. I hope this gets fixed soon. It's definitely not fun. Not fun.